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CFO/VP of Finance

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InteraXon Inc

Published 2024-05-29

This role is remote and we operate on Eastern time. RESPONSIBILITIES * Develop and execute a comprehensive financial strategy aligned with company objectives, encompassing areas such as budgeting, investment, risk assessment, and hardware planning. * Oversee all financial functions, including accounting, budgeting, reporting, compliance, and hardware sales and operations planning, ensuring alignment with strategic goals and regulatory requirements. * Provide strategic guidance on investments, risk assessment, growth initiatives, and hardware planning strategies to optimize operational efficiency and financial performance. * Manage cash flow, optimize working capital, and monitor financial performance, while also considering the implications of hardware sales and operations on the overall financial health of the organization. * Foster collaboration across teams and stakeholders to drive financial success, leveraging insights from hardware planning to inform decision-making and enhance cross-functional alignment. QUALIFICATIONS * Bachelor's degree in Finance, MBA, or CPA preferred, with a strong understanding of financial principles and their application to hardware planning and operations. * Proven track record of financial leadership, preferably in industries such as health, SaaS, or tech, with experience in integrating hardware planning into broader financial strategies. * Strong analytical skills, strategic mindset, and ethical judgment, essential for assessing financial opportunities, mitigating risks, and optimizing hardware sales and operations planning. * Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for effective collaboration, including the ability to communicate complex financial concepts and engage stakeholders across departments in hardware planning initiatives.

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